Business Refuses to Sink

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POCONO TOWNSHIP -- One man in the Poconos refuses to let anything get in the way of his business.

That includes a truck plowing through his store and destroying everything in its path.

For about a month, Ultra Corals and Fish near Bartonsville has been open for business.

For owner Steven Ryder, it's a dream come true.

"I've been doing this for 25 years as a hobby and we finally decided to open up the store," said Ryder.

Then in April, Ultra Corals and Fish Supply Store, which was about to open then, had an unexpected visitor.

"Basically there was an accident on 611, somebody came through the parking lot, hit another car and came through our store," said Ryder.

One frequent customer remembers the crash and how upset he was when it happened.

"I was like wow, this is gonna be like another six months before the store actually opens. I rolled past and the whole place was crumbled. I was like 'Oh my goodness!'," said Jahi Williams of Tannersville.

According to the Pocono Township Police, a pick up truck malfunctioned, sending it crashing into the store.

A skid mark outside and inside the store still exists and reminds the owner that he is never letting anything get in the way of his dreams.

"We figured we'd try to jump-start some of the local economy," said Ryder.

Customer Jahi Williams says he's glad the owner got back on his feet and opened because a store like this one is needed.

Before, Williams was driving to Allentown to get his supplies.

"Depending on how the gas is these days, you basically spend the extra $30 to $40 dollars for a fish you're going to spend $24 for to put the gas in your car to get there," said Williams.

Now, fish lovers can save their gas money or spend it on the local economy.