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Stroudsburg Makes “Way” for Bar Owner

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STROUDSBURG -- A street name in Stroudsburg now honors a bar that dates back to the end of prohibition.

Helen Gallo is 86 years old. However, she doesn't focus on her age so much. Instead, it's her bar that keeps her going.

It's called Gallo's Bar in Downtown Stroudsburg.

Gallo still works there the three days a week it's open, from Thursday to Saturday.

The place started off as a market in the 1920s, then became a corner bar for about 80 years.

Gallo has been working at the bar for some 65 years and said her secret to success is her customers.

"I appreciate them. I thank them very much for everything they've done and to keep me going," said Gallo.

Gallo has run the bar since she turned 21, which is a big reason why the Borough of Stroudsburg just renamed part of Third Street, where the bar is located, to Gallo's Way.

"Wonderful, it's great. I feel great, and I'm very grateful for it," said Gallo.

Word of the honor is certainly spreading.

In fact, as Newswatch 16 was talking with Gallo, an old friend stopped by to offer congratulations.

"That's very nice, wonderful," said Gallo about seeing her friend Joesphine Sabatine of Bangor. Sabatine added that Gallo is now famous.

Speaking of famous, Gallo is known for her frozen shots, which have become a tradition for many in the Stroudsburg area.

"They come in maybe 80 or 70 at a time, when they graduate, the kids do," said Gallo.

"People make me young. I don't think about age, I just keep on truckin'," said Gallo.