Crash Closes Interstate Ramp

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A ramp on Interstate 81 in Luzerne County was closed for four hours on Wednesday after a tractor trailer crashed.

Cutting the driver from the wreckage wasn't easy.

The trucker was trying to get to Interstate 80 on a ramp from Interstate 81 when he crashed. State police said the driver was going too fast, his load shifted and the rig flipped on its side.

Deputy Valley Regional Fire Chief Marty James said it took first responders an hour and a half to get to the trucker.

"We had to cut the guardrails the whole top of the truck off and the steering wheel out to get him out." Reporter: "how is he doing?" Answer: "He's talking so that`s a real good sign."

According to state police the rig wasn't loaded with anything hazardous. It was filled to the brim with orange juice.

A trucker, Richard Downs, said keeping to the speed limit is key.

"Once the load shifts in these trailers, there is no stopping it. It so easy for the loads to shift in these trailers, and if you take the turns too quick it's a mess."

Trucker Lenny Gaetano said he agrees.

"I haul a tanker so you have to be a little more cautious. They have a high center of gravity but all trucks you have to be careful. I usually haul gas a lot of times you don't want to have a spill with that if that spills it's an environmental problem," said Gaetano.

The Interstate ramp was closed for four hours. The injured trucker was taken to a hospital and admitted.