Changes in the Heart of Tunkhannock

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TUNKHANNOCK -- With the fall foliage exploding in color across the northern tier, a lot of people will be making the trip along Route 6 to see all the leaves.

If they make a stop in Tunkhannock, they'll see some big changes, there is quite a fix-up underway right in the heart of downtown.

The bright colors of a mural now welcome visitors to the main intersection in Tunkhannock. A refurbished building was just unveiled this week.

On the opposite corner of Tioga and Bridge Streets is another big change. The Prince Hotel and Red Lion Inn is undergoing a major renovation.

It’s just the latest in years of updates downtown.

“I would love to be a part of this where there is a big change downtown where everything is going to be all spruced up,” said hotel owner Sunny Mehta.

Mehta bought the hotel. He's transforming the more than 100-year-old building into an upscale boutique hotel, restaurant and bar, much different than what was there before.

He hopes it will be done by Christmas.

“Oh, it's changing a lot, and I think with the boutique upscale traffic here it will really help the town, add to downtown,” said Mehta.

Reba Ronk's popcorn shop is also on this main intersection, and she likes the latest improvements.

“Everyone's doing really well. The town is starting to come together. They're doing a lot of events, and it's bringing in a lot of people,” said Ronk.

The past few weeks there has been a film festival in town. This weekend there is a quilt show. The community is giving people reasons to come visit, and if you do you can see all the changes.

“It's the day that Tunkhannock has its best dress on," said Jeanette Kitlan, who is organizing Saturday’s quilt show.

She's thrilled to see almost all the store fronts full downtown, and so many of them spruced up.

The fall is a busy time in Tunkhannock, and the community is ready to welcome guests.

“It's wonderful, wonderful, we are really enjoying a wonderful renaissance here in Tunkhannock,” said Kitlan.