Time for New Chimes in Selinsgrove

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SELINSGROVE -- A landmark clock in Selinsgrove is once again ticking. Now folks in Snyder County are raising money to install new chimes in the Selinsgrove Town Clock.

The Selinsgrove Town Clock is a landmark that is hard to miss when you are on Market Street in the borough.

"I think it adds charm, especially at night when it's lit. It is bright enough to notice when you drive through town," Cheri DeSiena said.

The clock at the corner of market and pine streets is almost 100 years old.

"The clock I've seen since I was a little girl and it always reminds me of home. It's nice they've redone it," Jeanette Diehl said.

"When I'm curious of the time it's easy to look across the street and see the time. And it's nice to see it finally working," Lori Reichenbach said.

The Selinsgrove Town Clock stopped working about five years ago. Then last year, jewelry store owner Cheri DeSiena led an effort to get the clock repaired.

The clock is fixed but it's also silent. A group of people in Selinsgrove is raising money to buy brand new chimes for the clock.

"It doesn't have to be done, it's going to always work as a clock and be lighted but being that it chimed originally we thought it would be nice to hear it again," DeSiena said.

DeSiena and a group called Selinsgrove Projects, Inc. are trying to raise $4,200 to buy and install new clock chimes.

To raise money for the project, the group is selling engraved bricks for $100 a piece. The bricks will be put in the sidewalk around the clock. DeSiena hopes to have the chimes installed by winter, so the clock can play holiday music. If you're interested in buying a brick, contact DeSiena at 570-374-7474. Order forms may be mailed to: Selinsgrove Projects, Inc., P.O. Box 377, Selinsgrove, PA 17870-0377.