Taste Test: Jingos!

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Jingos! The folks at Pepperidge Farm say the little crackers are uniquely crunchy and have explosive taste!

"Explosive" is a pretty strong claim for a cracker, so we went to Lackawanna County to find out if Jingos really pack a flavorful punch.

We wanted to find out if people thought the crackers have the "bold flavor" and "snappy crunch" as advertised in the commercial and on the box.

Jingos come in three flavors: fiesta cheddar, lime and sweet chili and parmesan garlic.

For our Jingos sampling, we found lots of people enjoying a fine fall day in Mellow Park in Peckville.

First up: fiesta cheddar.

13-year-old Sarina Gillett from Jessup said, "At first when you take a bite they're all crunchy, and then you taste the cheese part and then they start getting spicier."

Faith Howey, 13, from Jessup liked Jingos, too. "I thought they were really good. I'll have to definitely have my mom go get these," said Howey.

You get 23 Jingos in one serving.

Each serving has about 130 calories, four grams of fat, and 22 grams of carbohydrates.

A couple of walkers stopped to try the lime and sweet chili and the parmesan garlic.

The clear winner: lime and sweet chili.

Karen O'Hearn from Throop said, "It had a better tang. I'm not much of a parmesan person so this is definitely better."

Charlie Olfano from Olyphant agreed. "It would be great with a margarita I think! It would be very good with a nice lime summer drink."

A second round of walkers gave a thumbs up to both cheese flavors.

Marge Portonova from Throop said, "You can taste the parmesan cheese. More so the cheese than the garlic. But they're very tasty."

Julie Armezzani from Jessup said "Very good, tasty. I can taste the cheese."

We found Jingos at Gerrity's for $2.89 a box.