Montrose Teacher on Trial

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MONTROSE - Inside the Susquehanna County Courthouse, jurors are learning of the relationship between a teen and her former teacher, Jeffrey Norris.

Norris is charged with having sex with a teen five years ago and then three years later trying to intimidate and stalk her.

The two met at the Montrose Area School District where Norris was a teacher and the girl was a student.

According to prosecution witnesses,"They weren't dating, but they were having sex and  hanging out...she told us they were smoking pot and doing coke together."

But prosecution witnesses also say the two had a falling out and the victim ran to a nearby teacher's room hysterical back in 2007.  That's when Norris's relationship with a minor was first reported to school officials.

One prosecution witness said, "She didn't want to get Mr. Norris in trouble at all.  She didn't want us to report it.  She was just really upset about her relationship with Mr. Norris."

After Norris was charged with having sex with the student, he was banned from having contact with minors, and suspended from school without pay.

Witnesses testified that Norris ignored those warnings and stalked and intimidated the alleged victim in 2009.

"He rolled down the window and yelled out, 'justice will be served.',"said one witness.

But back in 2009, Norris's defense attorney said that wasn't the entire story.

"You have to understand when this incident happened was not even a half a block from his house. This witness was 30 yards from his home.  You have to ask yourself, what was she doing there if she's so afraid of Mr. Norris," said defense attorney Paul Ackourey.

The prosecution has rested its' case and now jurors await to hear what attorneys will present in Norris' defense.