Fire Chief: It Could Have Been Worse

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POTTSVILLE -- A family from Pottsville is living in a motel after flames wrecked their home in West Norwegian Street.

18 hours after the flames were extinguished, the family members who lived through the fire were busy salvaging what they could.

Fire victim Lisa D'Attilio said she can't understand what happened.

"Why did it happen? How could it happen? Just total disbelief," said D'Attilio.

D'Attilio said she is grateful that pictures of her family were salvaged.

"The baby lost everything and there are a lot of things we lost, but like everybody says, items are replaceable, our lives aren`t, so we are very blessed to know, we all got out OK our animals got out OK, so we've just got to move on," said D'Attilio.

Family friend Ian Nelson came out to help the fire victims.

"Accidents like this and you cannot predict things, just pray for them and help them out the best way you can," Nelson said.

There is only feet between the home that burned and a neighbors home. Ashley Felker praised firefighters.

"They did a great job! If it wasn't for their quick response i don't think our house would still be standing." Felker said.

Neighbor Scott Forney said he shares Felker's thoughts.

"I called Ashley my girlfriend and asked her what we needed out of our house, i thought the fire was going to go to our house," said Forney.

Fire Chief Todd March said investigators are trying to pinpoint the exact cause of the fire.

"It doesn't appear anything suspicious, it's probably an accidental fire the way it looks right now. I am waiting for the insurance investigators and we're going to dig it out together."

The fire victims are unsure if they will rebuild.