Film Crew “Captures” Hit and Run Suspect

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PITTSTON -- Usually it's a news crew that hurries to the scene of a police chase. But in this case, this video came from a movie crew in downtown Pittston.

Just before midnight Kevin Davis had a crew on Main Street in Pittston shooting the final scene to a movie he's making. That's when Davis watched a state trooper pull over a Chevy Blazer.

"He stopped when the cops put their sirens on and so we thought he`s going to pull over, routine traffic stop, and he just takes off speeding down Main Street in Pittston," said Davis.

According to the criminal complaint, the driver, George Finnan of Pittston, was wanted for failing to show up in court.  He ran a stop sign, which caught the attention of a state trooper. 

Finnan stopped and then sped off and smashed into a car near the Fort Jenkins Bridge.  He then hit the guardrail, got out of the vehicle, and ran into the woods.  Police caught him a short time later.

While all this was happening, Davis's crew kept the camera rolling.

"And at that time they started going through his pockets and stuff and which appeared to be drugs they were putting on top of the car.  All caught on camera? Yeah! All caught on camera we had it rolling at that moment and we were able to get him," added Davis.

George Finnan faces 16 charges including DUI and drug charges.  He's locked up in the Luzerne County jail. 

Davis said he'll likely use some of this video in his upcoming movie.

"It was something that you just never know. If you have a camera on you you never know what may happen around you so we went from shooting a scene to here we are the next day on my favorite news station."