Diaper Dilemma?

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SCRANTON -- An explosion at Japanese chemical plant over the weekend left one dead and more than 30 injured. The plant produced 20% of the world's acrylic acid, a key ingredient in disposable diapers.

Experts predict a hike is diaper prices and a possible shortage as consumers around the world buy boxes and packages while the price is lower.

"I had twins so we bought double everything and it was pretty pricey with diapers, formula, you know? Now milk, food, everything is really expensive so the diaper situation is going to be rough," said Shirley Matsko of Old Forge.

"Not good. I already spend, it's at least $10, you know, per pack when I go. I have to buy two so I'm already at $20 every time I have to go to the store for them. If they're going to go higher than that, I don't know I'll probably be looking into training pants for these guys," said Crystal Borowski of Old Forge.

"I think a lot of people are going to try and stock up what they can now before they have to pay double or triple that amount they have to pay now," said Autumn Cottrell of Avoca.

Officials at some companies that make diapers including Procter and Gamble, are urging people to stay calm. They said there should not be a shortage of diapers because they have contingency plans in place.