Trial Underway In Arson Murder Case

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SCRANTON -- A judge is hearing testimony at the arson and murder trial of a man accused of setting a fire at a home in Scranton that killed his girlfriend's two children.

A number of police officers and firefighters who were at the fire scene in July, 2009 testified Monday morning.

Two young boys were killed in the fire and their mother’s ex-boyfriend William Woods is on trial for their murder.

Woods was charged with arson and murder in 2010 after a year-long investigation. He is accused of torching his ex-girlfriends home on South Hyde Park Avenue and causing the death of two of her sons.

Earlier this year, Woods gave up his right to a jury trial. A judge will decide his fate. In exchange, prosecutors have taken the death penalty off the table.

Newswatch 16 spoke with family members of the two victims, Taevon Miles, 9, and Michael Miles, 10. They said this type of trial is easier, saying it may be more likely that Woods will be convicted but it’s painful reliving the events of three years ago.

“I just hope he gets what’s coming to him because you just can’t kill somebody and get away with it, you know? I think that’s really bad and I hope he doesn’t get away with it,” said the victims’ grandmother Dorean Davis. 

Prosecutors said the trial will likely take the week to complete.

Tyaisha Leary, the mother of Taevon and Michael, has been sitting in on the trial. There is no word if she will testify.

Woods faces a maximum sentence of life in prison.