University Dedicates New Science Center

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SCRANTON -- In Scranton is a brand new building that has changed the landscape of the city.

It's especially noticeable as you enter the city from the expressway.

Late Friday afternoon dignitaries and administrators dedicated the new University of Scranton science building.

In a space that used to be a parking lot now stands one of the most distinctive additions to the Scranton skyline. Walls of stone and windows surround the Loyola Science Center at the university.

“It attracts your attention, and it's cool to work in here and on the flip-side to look out and see the city from here, it's really a neat experience,” said Brad Wierbowski, University of Scranton Senior.

Science majors at the University of Scranton started using the $85 million Loyola Science Center at the start of classes a few weeks ago.

The building`s designed to make students’ research a bit of a science exhibit in itself. All of the state of the art research labs have walls of glass so every student, no matter which course of study they're in, can see science at work.

“I love the labs because we have all these other professors working in them, so we can see outside of our own research what's going on at the U just by looking over at the counter,” said Bernadetta Bernatowicz, University of Scranton senior.

The new science center has been about 15 years in the making, and school officials said it`s a big bargaining chip for recruiting new students, making the university more competitive nationwide. However, the building`s designed to attract local folks too, add to Scranton`s skyline and also make science seem less scary.

“Well I think the visibility really adds to the prominence of science. If you think about how important science is in your daily life, you use it every day whether you know it or not,” said Dr. George Gomez, a professor of biology.

The importance of science can`t be missed on campus. School officials call the new Loyola Science Center the “crown jewel” of the university`s buildings.