Peacock Sighting in Luzerne County Community

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A rather unusual visitor has made an appearance in one Luzerne County community.

Neighbors living in Penn Lake Park near White Haven said a peacock has been spotted by several people there.

“I immediately started taking pictures.”

A Penn Lake Park resident named Karen described her encounter with a surprising guest that strolled up to her house.

“It just caught my eye because it was so peculiar and it was a peacock,” said Karen.

Karen sent those pictures of the colorful bird into Newswatch 16.

Karen is just one of several residents in the community near White Haven to spot the bird.

Tony Pierentoni said he was in his yard when he saw the peacock, walking down the street.

“It walked through this person’s yard, our neighbor’s. Then it walked down the road over here,” said Pierentoni.  “It was down here when we first saw it on the road. My neighbor said his dogs came out and barked at it and flew up into a tree.”

Many believe the bird is a pet on the loose.

“I really hope that this helps the owners find their lost pet because obviously it does belong to someone,” said Karen.

Penn Lake Park Council President Jack Kile said he didn’t believe the reports of a peacock sighting.

“I thought it’s probably a turkey because we get people here from the city and they don’t know diddly, you know? They get excited if a possum runs through their yard and then I heard it was a peacock,” said Kile.

Despite all those eye-witness accounts, we circled the lake repeatedly searching for the elusive fowl with no luck.

People said they haven’t seen the bird in about a day.

While neighbors we spoke with said they have no intention of catching the peacock themselves, they will keep an eye out for it, to make sure it’s okay.