Big Year for the Bloomsburg Fair

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BLOOMSBURG -- The Bloomsburg Fair is wrapping up, and so far, attendance numbers are pretty impressive.

As of Friday, more than 300,000 people visited the fair this year.

That number is up 25,000 from 2010.

People are saying this is the best year yet, especially since the fair was cancelled last year.

Thousands of people from all over came to Columbia County for the food, games, rides and entertainment. Many people said this year's fair is better than in year's past.

“It's even bigger, better. It's probably the greatest thing in my life,” said Dale Kreamer of Bloomsburg.

That is exactly what Bloomsburg Fair Association president Paul Reichart wants to hear.

“Everybody seems to be very happy. Everybody is eating something, they are carrying gifts. It's just been wonderful,” said Reichart.

Reichart said the success of the fair is very dependant on the weather. After last year's flood cancelled the Bloomsburg Fair, Mother Nature has been nice this year.

“We've been very fortunate. Weather is a big factor in this type of industry. No question about it,” said Reichart.

“I actually think it's probably better this year. Just since the flooding, I think a lot more people have come out,” said Erin Bomboy of Kingston.

The vendors are thrilled with the huge turnout.

“Much better than last year, but two years ago, it's stacking up pretty good. It's good," said Mark Strous of Gunzey’s Hot Sausage.

It is too early to tell how much money the fair made this year, but fair officials said the last day of the fair is usually the busiest.