Banks Target of Cyber Attack

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WILLIAMSPORT -- Some big banks have been reeling from cyber attacks this week that crashed their websites.

You could have money in one of those banks that hackers hit.

If you had some trouble logging onto your bank account online recently you were not alone.

Some of the biggest banks in the country were affected by what could be the largest cyber-attack in history.

It was payday for a lot of customers of the PNC Bank branch in Williamsport.

They could easily get in to do business but over the last 48 hours those same customers likely ran into trouble logging onto their bank accounts online.

A coordinated denial of service attack by hackers crashed the websites of PNC, Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo and others.

"I check it online, go in, check my balance, get my statements," said Georgette Kelley of Williamsport.

Kelley said she did not notice any problems and the branch manager of the PNC on West Fourth Street said there were no complaints from his customers.

However, the bank's Twitter account acknowledged the problem and reassured customers their money and account information are safe.

A denial of service attack like the ones done to PNC Bank and other global banks is when a bunch of hackers send a lot of traffic to the website, in effect shutting it down to anyone trying to log on.

"I don't want to go online and do anything like online transactions or anything," said Brandon Miletta of Williamsport.

The attacks leave some customers uneasy about what could happen to institutions so big that many thought were not vulnerable to attack.

"Hopefully they get it straightened out. It's a nice bank, lots of locations, make it easy," added Miletta.

The hackers have been traced to the Middle East, according to ABC News.