Healthy Options at the Bloomsburg Fair

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BLOOMSBURG -- When you think of food at the Bloomsburg Fair, the word "healthy" probably does not immediately come to mind, but not everyone eats the deep-fried food.

It was not easy to find, but there is some healthy food at the Bloomsburg Fair. There are several stands that sell soup, fruit and vegetables, and the words "deep-fried" are not on the menu.

Ice cream, pizza and deep-fried anything is what you see when you walk around the Bloomsburg Fair. When people come to the fair, they are not usually trying to eat healthy, but some people do make an effort to keep their diets on track.

"It's warm and the doctor likes me to eat healthier. It goes down a little better than the greasy stuff does," said Richard Maust.

The Black Creek United Methodist Church baked potato stand sells what it calls "comfort food". Chicken corn, ham & bean and beef & vegetable soups, and of course baked potatoes.

"A lot of people are coming through and saying they just want the potato with butter, salt and pepper. That's what we're serving a lot of," said Bobbe Dick.

Perhaps the healthiest option we found at the Bloomsburg Fair is at Klinger's Fresh Fruit Cup. For $4 you can get a fruit cup with watermelon, honeydew, cantaloupe and grapes.

"The kids love it and it's a better option for your kids than feeding them greasy fried stuff," said Linda Eisaman.

If meat and vegetables are more your speed, roasted corn and smoked turkey legs may be your best option.

"We roast everything. It's not deep-fried like most of the foods. We can dip the corn in butter or we can do it without," said Atlee Leiby.

Even with those healthier options, most people we spoke to said "It's the Bloomsburg Fair, I'm going to have an apple dumpling and fries!"