Schuylkill County Cashes in on Old Electronics

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Schuylkill County will be winding up a two week recycling event on Saturday, and the best part is it doesn't cost anything to drop off your unwanted electronics.

However, the county is making money on the deal.

All month long Schuylkill County is sponsoring a recycling event. When we were in Pottsville, people were bringing in a lot of electronics.

“We didn't know of a place that would take the old computers, the old monitors, printers that just die in the office, you don't really know what to do with it. You don't want to throw it in your garbage,” said Theresa Handwerk of Seltzer City.

“It saves from people taking it to a landfill or from people dumping it along the roadway,” said Dan Kelly, Pottsville Street Superintendent.

Some appliances and even tires can be discarded.

“It was one that I thought that I would get more use out of, but I never did so it's been sitting around for 10 years,” said John Cantwell of Pottsville.

Some people's junk can be useful to others, including a bee keeper.

“I am looking for an old washing machine that I can take apart, and I can use as a centrifuge that I can use to extract honey from bee combs,” said Alex Bernitsky of St. Clair.

Officials said that county taxpayers are making out pretty good on the recycling project too.

“They are going to do this for nothing, taking all of our electronics for nothing, no charge, and they're paying us two cents a pound,” said Lee Raring, Recycling Coordinator.