Meth Lab Leads to Fire

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PITTSTON -- A fire led authorities to a meth lab in Luzerne County.

Police said the flames broke out as the man was making the illegal drug.

According to court papers, Kevin Hall of Mocanaqua was making methamphetamine in the basement of a duplex in Pittston Wednesday night when it caught fire. It happened just after 8 p.m.

When fire crews finished putting the fire out, police officers were helping to make sure no one was inside. They said that`s when they discovered the meth lab in the basement and called in investigators from the state.

The State Attorney General`s office talked with people who had been in the duplex at the time of the fire, and learned that Hall had been in the basement around the time the fire started.

Investigators said that they found Hall sometime on Thursday, hiding in a cemetery in Pittston.

Hall is charged with possession, manufacturing of a controlled substance, and causing a catastrophe.

The AG`s office said Hall was out on bail for identical charges in Mocanaqua and was awaiting sentencing.

They said he`s also a suspect in a meth lab bust in nearby Jenkins Township earlier this week.

Many neighbors we spoke with on Tompkins Street in the city said they didn`t know what was going on inside the home and were concerned after fire crews arrived Wednesday night.

“Scared, scared, but I`m glad my three daughters are all grown and not living around this area, but it's scary,” said Susan Aker, a neighbor.

Hall is locked up in Luzerne County on $300,000 cash bail. So far, he`s the only person arrested in connection with the meth lab.