Fans Happy to Have Real Referees Back

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PLAINS TOWNSHIP -- It took three weeks of sluggish games, botched calls, and fan anger, but the real National Football League officials went back to work Thursday night.

The NFL locked them out in a contract dispute, but after several embarrassing weekends of bad officiating, the NFL and its officials agreed to a new, eight-year deal Wednesday night.

The crowd in Baltimore treated the officials like rock stars when they returned to the field.

We found happy football fans watching the game on Thursday at Breakers in the Mohegan Sun Casino.

Around our area, the Browns/Ravens game wouldn't normally generate a lot excitement, but this otherwise unremarkable Thursday night game had a lot of people interested and a lot of football fans in agreement for once.

“I think it's great. I think the call they had on the Packers last Monday was ridiculous,” said Richard Seville, a Green Bay Packers fan.

It was unanimous among football fans we spoke to at Mohegan Sun Casino as the Thursday night game played on TV's throughout the building. Fans of the Eagles, the Cowboys, and the Bears could finally all agree on one thing.

“It's good they are back. People complaining about the calls. Now they have nothing to complain about. Teams were losing, they lost because of the refs,” said Joe Pasternak, a Chicago Bears fan.

“I watched the last Cowboys game, a couple calls helmet to helmet, and they never called it. Somebody is going to get hurt. Thank God the refs are back out there again,” said Stan Price, a Dallas Cowboys fan.

“I am so glad because there has been so many mistakes and so much time wasted during the games. It delayed games. The coaches have to tell them what to do, and it's such a fiasco,” said Donna Truskey, an Eagles fan.

It was a confusing night. Not only Eagles, Cowboys, and Packers fans all agreeing on something, but also so many fans happy to see the referees.