Taste Test: Caramel Apple Milky Ways

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It's a new taste for an old favorite: Caramel Apple Milky Ways!

We knew we wouldn't have any trouble finding treats featuring apples at the Bloomsburg fair, so we put people's palates to work testing the new candy.

Milky way minis have been showing up in Halloween loot bags for years.

This year, a new flavor joins the nougat caramel and chocolate to make the new Caramel Apple Minis.

At the Bloomsburg Fairgrounds, Bissinger's Apple Dumplings was our first stop, because these folks know apples!

Kevin Bissinger took a break from making dumplings to try one of the new Milky Ways.

"I don't know, the apple and the caramel and the whole thing didn't work for me," he said.

Kevin's wife, Cheri Bissinger said, "I didn't really like the Caramel Apple Milky Way. I think I have to agree with my husband and say a regular Milky Way is better."

But the dumpling-eating customers were a little more open to the idea of a new Milky Way:

"It's one of those candies where I would have one and then I just keep sneaking back to the candy dish to get more," said Becky Lilly of Grove City.

"I thought it was a very different taste. It wasn't as sweet as the regular Milky Way, when you get that caramel taste. It was very different," said Diana Hughes from Bloomsburg.

How about the folks making apple cider at the Benton Cider Mill? Surely their taste buds can detect the familiar flavor.

Amy Bierbach from the Benton Cider Mill said, "A little bit, but it's not like wow, apple."

Benton Cider Mill co-owner Deb Campbell said, "I absolutely did not taste apple at all. When I bit into it, I actually thought, maybe a little hint of cherry?"

If you'd like to stock up on the new candy for Trick or Treaters this year, we found Caramel Apple Milky Way Minis at Target.