School Leaders, Police Address Suicides

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HAZLETON -- Many parents across Luzerne County are concerned after what appears to be a rash of teen suicides, four in the past week.

The most recent was Tuesday afternoon when a 13-year-old boy in Hazleton decided to end his life.

The police chief called the suicide a tragedy at a news conference at Hazleton City Hall Tuesday night.

The chief believes the suicide did not come about due to bullying and is not related to the other suicides.

Officials from Hazleton Area School District and the high school principal were also there.

“Turn to your principals, family members. Turn to your friends in school who can come to us. We can help,” pleaded Hazleton High School Principal Rocco Petrone. “This is a very, very sad time and it's very difficult for us to sit here and even talk about this, when I think about one of our students taking their lives."

Petrone said grief counselors will be in the Hazleton Area School District Wednesday and encouraged any teen who needs help to speak up and talk to someone.

If you, your teen, or anyone you know is feeling desperate, or beyond hope here are some resources available 24 hours a day for free counseling:


American Foundation for Suicide Prevention: