Parking at the Bloomsburg Fair

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BLOOMSBURG -- It costs $8 to get in to the Bloomsburg Fair, but that does not include parking. The fairgrounds charge people $5 to park. People who live in Bloomsburg are trying to make some money by letting people park on their properties.

When you drive through Bloomsburg during fair week, the signs are hard to miss. Dozens of people who live in Bloomsburg try to make some extra money by charging people between three and seven dollars to park on their properties. Marie Polk owns a home just a few blocks away from the fairgrounds. She used to charge $5 for parking, but raised the price to $6 after last year's flood.

"Most of ours are repeat customers and they know what we went through last year. Not one of them has complained," said Polk.

Just up the street, Jordan Conner and his family charge peopleĀ $5 to park in their yard.

"We lost the house in the flood, and some of the money is trying to get back into the contracting and what we need to get back in to the house," said Conner.

Dal Slessler owns a rental property on Third Street in Bloomsburg. He has been parking cars on his lot for 12 years.

"I like talking to people, meeting people from different areas. It's nice to offer a service and participate in the fair," said Slessler.

It is $5 to park in the main lot at the Bloomsburg Fair. Most people take a shuttle to the fair entrance because it is such a long walk to get there.

Slessler said it makes sense to pay two more dollars and park in his lot.

"I've got a big yard and you can walk right into Gate 11 where the food is," said Slessler.

Some folks said they sometimes spend more than 14 hours a day parking cars and making a nice profit.