Not So Fair Weather

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BLOOMSBURG -- The Bloomsburg fairgrounds have stayed pretty dry this week, except for Wednesday.

Columbia County saw some wet weather, but it did not wash out people's plans to go to the fair. It rained off and on for a good portion of the day, but the rain did not keep people away.

The rain came all of a sudden at the Bloomsburg Fair. One minute it was nice outside, and the next, people were running for cover and putting up their umbrellas! Some folks stayed dry under the bingo tents.

“I'm dry, and it's a lot of fun because there aren't a lot of people now. So this is the best time to come,” said Ann Marie Gardjulis of Simpson.

Brooke Wagner and her friends took shelter inside the education building.

“We were just watching the tiger show and it started raining so we came in now. We're trying to wait it out but then we're going to ride some rides and eat some food,” said Brooke Wagner of Bloomsburg.

This year's rain does not compare to what the town of Bloomsburg saw last year. Even so, many of the vendors just want the sunshine back!

“The crowd goes away. It's not busy. I would rather be busy. The day goes ten times faster!” said Deb Campbell of the Benton Cider Mill.

Some of the vendors said they don't mind the wet weather. The ones who have covered seating said when it rains it gives them a bit of an edge over the competition.

Some people stayed dry at Johnny's Diner, and had lunch at the same time.

“Everybody comes inside. They'll come in, eat, sit down. Hopefully it will stop raining and they'll go back out,” said Tim Karis of Johnny’s Diner.