Mother of Killing Plot Suspect Speaks Out

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EAST PENN TOWNSHIP -- A grandson and his girlfriend are locked up accused of plotting to kill the man's grandparents so they could get inheritance money and their house. Police said the girlfriend stabbed the grandmother Monday night, then ran.

Norma Steigerwalt of Lehighton is crying over what police accuse her daughter of doing.

"I didn't believe it. It was like I am in a nightmare, and I still feel like I am in a nightmare, like I am going to wake up, that this is all not real." said Steigarwalt.

Amber Steigerwalt, 19, of Lehighton and her boyfriend, Jacob Wertman, 23, are locked up accused of plotting to murder Wertman's grandparents.

According to court papers, the two hid in the kitchen area of the home and turned off all the lights when Marge Wertman the victim came home, Amber Strigerwalt pulled out a knife and stabbed her in the neck several times. Police said they found illegal drugs in the home.

Norma Steigerwalt said her daughter was using drugs and her supplier was her boyfriend, Wertman.

"He had her hooked on all those drugs, heroin, meth and stuff. People like that don't belong on the streets and allowed to ruin people's lives like he's ruined mine and my daughters," said Steigerwalt.

In a bizarre twist after the stabbing, Jacob Wertman took his grandmother to a hospital.

Amber Steigerwalt's mother is convinced the use of drugs pushed her daughter into agreeing to the killing plot.

"She's a wonderful person, and I know people can't believe that because of what she did, but they don't know the real Amber." said Steigerwalt.

The grandmother was treated and released from a hospital.

Norma Steigerwalt was asked if her daughter admitted stabbing Marge Wertman.

"Yes, yes she did. I don`t know if you have any children, but imagine them saying that to you," said Steigerwalt.