Animals Found Mummified

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MAHANOY TOWNSHIP -- Officials in Schuylkill County said a woman will soon face animal cruelty charges after animals in her care were found dead.

Police said five of those animals had been dead for months, so much so, that they were mummified.

West Mahanoy Township Police said Denise Turkavage of Lost Creek will soon face animal cruelty charges for neglect. They said four horses and a goat were found at her home, mummified. They also discovered three dead dogs.

A Hillside SPCA van sat in the driveway of a home in Schuylkill County. An investigator was still on scene days after several animals were found dead on the property in Lost Creek .

One neighbor said he can't believe it.

"To be honest with you, I'm really shocked at what allegedly happened," said neighbor Joe Alex.

West Mahanoy Township Police said investigators were called to the house on Saturday for concerns about Denise Turkavage's well-being. When they arrived, they found several dead animals.

Police said four of the horses and the goat were found mummified, they found seven dogs inside the home, three of them were also dead.

Officials said the dead animals were mummified because they have been dead for months.

Police said there was one living horse, and four living dogs found at Turkavage's home.

All the live animals were removed by the Hillside SPCA.

Officials said, they did not believe Turkavage hurt these animals on purpose, that it was not in her nature.

They add the home is not located in an area where barn animals should be kept. It's right in a neighborhood.

"It wasn't bad really, nobody complained about it because it did seem the animals were well taken care of. I just don't understand how this could have happened," said Alex.

We contacted the Hillside SPCA for comment, but they did not get back to us.

Police said Turkavage has not been charged yet, but will likely face animal cruelty charges for neglect.