Vandals Leave Smiles, Cause Frowns

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COOLBAUGH TOWNSHIP -- Police in the Poconos say they know who vandalized a neighborhood by spray painting "smiley faces" on homes and cars.

They say the vandals marked more than a dozen spots with the unusual graffiti.

If you visit that part of Pocono Farms Country Club in Tobyhanna, neighbors will tell you it`s a little bit of heaven tucked away in the mountains.

"I love it, I love my little corner of the world here," said Maria Badik of Tobyhanna.

Neighbors say perhaps the community is so nice that even the vandals couldn`t do anything but smile.  So they decided to leave behind their mark.

Police say it happened early Saturday morning when Badik says she noticed several homes targeted.

"We all got up and we were looking around, turn all the lights on, just in case," said Badik.

"A smiley face? Are you trying to tell us you're happy? Are you trying to tell us, look, I have a smiley face? Or this is what I can do to make you happy? No," said Louie Cianciotto of Tobyhanna.

Pocono Mountain Regional Police think they know who's responsible for leaving behind more than a dozen smiles and other markings.

Police say these acts of vandalism are isolated to that specific area of the housing development.

"Whoever did this is not going to be smiling. I feel bad for whoever did this because for some stupidity they're going to have to pay," said Badik.

"Listen, what you just did was damage and when you do damage, you pay for damage," said Cianciotto.

Police are still investigating the more than a dozen acts of vandalism and want anyone else targeted to contact them immediately.