NFL Fans React To Monday Night’s “Touchdown Mess”

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The fallout continues for the National Football League over the use of replacement referees as the league remains in a lock-out with its regular officials due to a labor dispute.

The game-ending controversial call of a touchdown Monday night giving the Seattle Seahawks the win over the Green Bay Packers has many fans livid.

It was the touchdown pass that became the touchdown mess.

Monday night`s NFL  game between the Seattle Seahawks and the Green Bay Packers ended with a controversial touchdown call by the replacement referees, giving the Seahawks the win.

“I thought it was terrible. I honestly thought it was a terrible ending to the game,” said Bill Devers of Port Carbon. “I mean, it was an exciting ending to the game but it was terrible because the call was wrong.”

At Pottsville Area`s varsity football practice, Crimson Tide fans said the call was ridiculous.

“You could see the Packer player had the ball,” said Sandra Rivera of Pottsville. “I think it`s enough already. They need to switch back. They need to make an agreement already.”

The NFL has been using replacement refs as it remains in a lock-out with its regular officials over a labor dispute.

With several games riddled with bad calls, Pottsville head coach Kevin Keating says it’s doing no favors to the NFL`s image.

“I`m surprised that the NFL has allowed it to go this far to be honest with you, because you have a league that prides itself on being the best pro league in the world, the players are the best athletes in the world, the coaching is incredible,” said Keating.

Much of the fan anger is being thrown at the replacement refs.

But at Maroon`s Sports Bar and Grill, a restaurant named after Pottsville`s former NFL franchise, some said it`s not entirely fair to blame the fill-ins.

“You have to make a decision really quickly and you get a bunch of people around together like that and the ball comes in the other guys hands and they can`t figure out what`s going on,” said Jim Rodriguez of Pottsville.

Many fans we spoke to say they hope Monday night`s mess will be enough to end the lockout, still if not, it won`t stop them from watching the games.

“Bottom line is we`re still going to watch football, every Sunday,” said Ed Daubert of Pottsville.