Familiar Faces at the Fair

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BLOOMSBURG -- Having a stand at the Bloomsburg Fair this week can mean long hours and hard work.

And we have proof that you can still keep the fairgoers happy, no matter what your age!

When people are hungry at the Bloomsburg Fair, many go to Bowman's French Fries to see Nancy Bowman's smiling face. She has been working at the stand stared by her father-in-law for 65 years.

"I was just a young married girl selling french fries then," Bowman said.

Bowman is now 83 years old. During the Bloomsburg Fair, she works up to 14 hours a day and loves it.

"I either fry, or I cut or I sell french fries," she said.

Each year from May until October, Gross's French Fries is all around Pennsylvania at carnivals and fairs selling fries. Sandy Gross, 72, is there every step of the way.

Sandy has been working at her family's stand at the Bloomsburg Fair for 54 years. She is on her feet for most of the day. What keeps her coming back each year?

"The people," she said. "We've met a lot of friends and my kids grew up with these kids.

Another longtime Bloomsburg Fair worker is Joanne Rupert, 78. She enjoys meeting people while she works at Kohr's Orangeade. She has been selling orangeade for more than 40 years.

"I've been faithful with them so he kind-of depends on some of us old ones to keep the things going," Rupert said.

Joanne's sister actually works at a different Kohr's Orangeade stand. She's 76.