Vendors Remember Last Year’s Floods

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BLOOMSBURG -- There are several "John the Greek" food stands at the Bloomsburg Fair, people wait in long lines for the gyros and pizza.

Most of the vendors at the fair do not take this for granted, after flooding cancelled the fair last year. Even though the fair did not happen in 2011, John Koutohfahris made sure people still got their fill of gyros. Last year when he found out the fair was cancelled, he opened his stand on Route 11.

"There were people from all over, even people from Williamsport. When they heard I was there they came and they were happy," said Koutoufaris.

John the Greek said eventually there were about 25 vendors who set up along Route 11 last year. One of those vendors was "Cactus Taters". The owners said he made about half of what he would have brought in at the Bloomsburg Fair and he said it was worth it.

"The people welcomed us and we appreciated that and they were great about it. It was something for them. They needed something also," said Ron Vonada, owner of Cactus Taters.

Even though they made the best of a bad situation last year. The vendors say they are happy to be back today. There are more than one thousand food stands at the Bloomsburg Fair.

But owners of John the Greek and Cactus Taters said they have been busy. Another vendor happy to be back is "Kohr's Orangade".  Last year employees made free drinks for emergency workers and set up their stand along route 11.

"It made me feel good. I have friends here in Bloomsburg. My childhood friend lost his house, it was condemned. I just felt like giving something back to the town," said Gregory Kohr, of Kohr's Orangade.