Gearing Up in September for Winter

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HONESDALE -- It may be just the beginning of fall, but one sports store in Wayne County is already thinking winter. Rusty Palmer, near Honesdale has their winter gear and all season vehicles on display.

Workers at Rusty Palmer in Wayne County are wasting no time getting ready for the winter season.

Todd Pregnar says it's that time to line up the new and used snowmobiles in the store outside Honesdale and cross your fingers for a snowy season, since last year was a bust.

"The lack of snow last year really hurt us as a company as far as no snow since we didn't have any machines coming in broken from the local area. Even up north there wasn't a whole lot of snow so the machines didn't get used to have work be done on them," said mechanic Todd Pregnar.

Corey Bayly, who works in sales, says with no snow last year, it was a long winter and there's plenty of left over inventory from the winter of 2011.

"We're hoping this year it will be a lot better year I mean usually what gets people fired up is when they see the snow coming down which gives them the incentive to buy a snowmobile," said employee Corey Bayly.

With mother nature not cooperating last year, not only did the business suffer but some employees lost their jobs.

"Personally myself for five weeks last year I was laid off, there was a whole bunch of people here that actually did get laid off because of the lack of snow," Pregnar added.

But John Williams of Forest City says all he needs is a couple of inches of snow to bring out his snowmobile.

"I'm actually here to pick up a snowmobile battery in hopes that we get snow this year,' said Williams.

"We need a couple of inches at least six inches or so. Nice calm weather, no rain in between, so hopefully we'll get a couple of days this year to get out," Williams added.

Even though there's still a few months left of 2012, snowmobiles for 2013 are already arriving, and workers here are hoping for a good season.