The Church has Left the Building

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KINGSTON -- More than a hundred volunteers came out in Luzerne County on Sunday, to give back.

People gave their time in various different ways, from park cleanup to cookie baking and quilt making.

Folks said helping out those less fortunate was what the day was all about.

About 160 volunteers, some students, some strangers, some members of the Dorranceton United Methodist Church and Field of Grace Community of Faith all came together to help people in Kingston.

“It gives us a chance to really be in service to the community rather than worship together. This is a chance to have some hands on interaction with different community partners and really make a difference,” said Reverend Nick Keeney, of Dorranceton United Methodist Church.

Teams were sent out to 14 different project sites in the community.

One was cookie making.

Proceeds from the cookies sales will go to an organization called “Nothing but Nets.”

The money will help send mosquito nets to kids in Africa to help stamp out malaria.

Another project was quilt making, “ugly" quilt making to be exact.

Volunteers took old blankets and old clothing to make the ugly quilt to help out the homeless who will be sleeping on the ground.

“It makes a nice warm bed roll but it's not fancy enough to be resold or stolen by anyone so the idea is they are ugly on purpose,” said Reverend Keeney.

A big chunk of volunteers made waves at Reese Park.

Several volunteers scrubbed down playground equipment, and painted over graffiti on borough property.

“We've got 27 soccer players from Wilkes University, 15 plus students from Penn State Wilkes-Barre campus, just the sign up has been phenomenal,” said Kris Cross, a volunteer.

“I know the borough has other things that they have to do on a daily basis, they can't be cleaning up after somebody's mess, so it's a chance for us to do some community service. It makes us feel good about ourselves,” said Brennan Coates, a student volunteer.

The church plans to make this an annual event in Luzerne County.