Police Investigating Burglaries

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SILVER LAKE TOWNSHIP -- Police in Silver Lake Township are investigating some burglaries and home invasions in Susquehanna county.

Investigators said a burglary happened on Brackney Hill Rd on August 27 into the next morning. The same night, a home invasion happened along the same road.

Police are also investigating one home invasion that happened along Rt 167 on September 16 into Monday morning.

That same night, a commercial building along Rt 167 was broken into.

Stephen Whitmore was one of the victims. Police said burglars broke into his home while he was sleeping. Whitmore is in his 90s and didn't hear the crooks come in, but he said they sprayed his face with some sort of chemicals, and ransacked his room.

"I had 100 dollars worth of change in there, they did take that, but that`s about all they took," said Whitmore.

Police in Silver Lake Township near Montrose said they believe the crimes are all related.

"I believe it is the same actors.  At this time we`re looking at it possibly being drug related.  They`re going in and just taking what they can," said Police Chief Timothy Burgh.

Bennett's Auto Repair Plus was targeted Sunday night.

"In the back of the building they tried cutting the glass with a glass cutter, and there`s a hand print there where they tried pushing up on the glass," said shop owner Arnie Bennett.

Bennett said his shop has an alarm, and they were unable to steal anything from him, but that the break-ins have many people in the area concerned.

"Sleeping with a gun next to their bed just like everyone else. They`re scared. You start going into people`s homes at night someone`s going to get hurt or shot," said Bennett.

Police said all of the home invasions including the one along Brackney Hill Road happened after 11 p.m., and that people in Silver Lake Township should make sure they lock their doors at night to stay safe.

"Just go on about your normal every day life, but be vigilant about what`s going on out there, if something looks suspicious to you, report it to the police," said Burgh.

Many people in the community said the crimes have changed their way of life.

"This is a neighborhood where we never locked our doors, years ago we never locked our doors. Now you`ve got to make sure everything`s locked, day and night," said Bennett.

"It`s a damn shame when a man can`t retire and relax, that`s all I can say," said Whitmore.

Police said they do have a few leads and are working with police agencies both in Pennsylvania and New York.

If anyone has information call Silver Lake Township police a call at 570-278-6818. You can also email them at silverlaketwppd@epix.net.