Chance of a Lifetime

HAZLETON -- Cheryl Spare and Lisa Stawick are  excited. Their favorite morning TV star. Surprised them by showing up on their computer screen at work.

It all started when Ellen Degeneres asked her fans to send in video messages as to why they want to be on her program and meet her. Cheryl and Lisa won! Cheryl said they were seen on the TV  show through a video link between their office near Hazleton and Los Angeles where the show is recorded.

"I'm just blown away! I know it's real, I've seen the footage, but I'm blown away. I keep asking why us, why are we so special," said Spare.

Stawick said it's hard to believe.

"I think it's once in a lifetime, and I think it's up there with the best time in my life," said Stawick.

While talking to Ellen the two were presented with a massive picture of their idol. Cheryl said that`s to replace a tiny one which is on their cubical wall.

"It's the most entertaining show on television today. There is no nonsense, no profanity, it`s all positive," said Spare.

Lisa said she watches because of Degeneres's character.

"She inspires me, she's just a good person," said Stawick.

Ellen showed her appreciation by giving the two women from the Hazleton area a free VIP trip to Los Angeles to see her show.

Sometime in November Cheryl and Lisa will fly from Philadelphia to Los Angeles and meet Ellen Degeneres.


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