Arsonist Strikes Again

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SCRANTON -- A fire bug strikes again in the City of Scranton.

Investigators said the arsonist set another fire in a garbage can in the Hill Section overnight, bringing the total to eight recent arsons.

Police said just feet away, some cars were vandalized with spray paint and a windshield was damaged.

It's a sight seen a lot recently in Scranton, burnt trash, and a charred garbage can on Quincy Avenue in Scranton.

However, this time there was a large piece of porch furniture tossed in to burn.

One woman who lives here, who did not want to be identified, said she's worried for her life.

"A good gust of wind it could have caught the house on fire and that is a scary thought, you'll be sleeping and your house would be catching on fire that's a scary thought, and no one wants to think about that. "What's next?? That freaks me out for sure."

Neighbors quickly put that fire out.

There was more vandalism a few feet away. A coincidence or a connection?Police can not say for sure. Police said some cars were spray painted overnight, and a neighbor's windshield was smashed.

"I'm scared because today it seems like it's not a big deal but who knows what they have in mind to do next time," said neighbor, Vladimir Aronzon.

Scranton Police and fire officials continue to search for the person or persons responsible, and insist that person or persons will be caught and punished.

Meanwhile, those living there are worried and want the arsonist to stop setting these fires.

"Stop lighting my stuff on fire and wrecking my stuff, I don't appreciate it."

Officials are asking everyone in the area to be more vigilant.

If you hear something, if you see something, or if you know anything, call police.