Shooting Suspects Nabbed

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WILLIAMSPORT -- Two men wanted for a homicide over the summer were brought back to Williamsport Thursday, after a drug raid in Philadelphia led to their arrests.

Raymarr Alford and Qu Mar Moore are accused of shooting and killing Kevan Connelly, 23, after an argument the night of July 9.

Police said it happened on the basketball courts in Flanigan Park in Williamsport.

Witnesses said it was early in the evening, and the place was packed with children.

"I pulled up as the shots were going off and then the crowd starting scattering. In terms of the impact on the community, I think it had a very serious effect," said Anthony Dew.

Dew volunteers his time at The Community Center on Campbell Street right next to Flanigan Park.

Many in the area know Alford and Moore and they said both have troubled pasts.

Raymarr Alford's own mother was shot in front of him three years ago and later died of her injuries.

James Geddy is director of The Center's after-school and summer programs.

"I`m glad they got the guys off the streets because before they hurt somebody else or somebody hurt them, and I just hope that they get the help that they need," he said.