Scranton Fire Officials: Arsonist on the Loose

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SCRANTON -- Fire investigators said someone or some people have been setting fires in the City of Scranton.

Those fires were set inside garbage cans in the city's Hill section, near the University of Scranton, all within the last few weeks.

Now officials need your help and want neighbors to keep an eye out for anyone suspicious.

A melted garbage can and burnt trash sit on the sidewalk, on Quincy Avenue in the Hill Section.

Some neighbors are worried.

"It's really disturbing, I'm glad no one was hurt," said Pat Ouslander of Scranton.

University of Scranton student Chrissy Cerezo said her garbage can was set on fire right near her apartment building on Taylor Avenue.

She said she and her roommates were lucky it didn't spread to their home.

"It's really scary to think somebody was in my backyard doing that," said Chrissy Cerezo.

The Scranton Fire Chief said the person or persons started setting fires in garbage cans back on September 1st, and continued until early Wednesday morning. A total of seven fires were allegedly set in the city during that time.

The University of Scranton also sent out an advisory to students and faculty warning them to be more vigilant.

The fire on Farber Court spread up the house on to the front porch, and while it is the most serious, and the chief said all the fires are very dangerous.

"God forbid if a person or persons, they die in a fire, he's in a lot of trouble," said Tom Davis, Scranton Fire Chief.

Fire investigators said be more vigilant, keep your eyes and ears open for anything suspicious, and if you see anything, call police.