Looking for a Killer

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HAZLETON -- Hazleton police are telling the family of a homicide victim, they're working hard to catch the killer including the woman who the victim was going to marry.

Police are trying to identify a person of interest in a killing in Hazleton. They want to find and question him about the death.

Erick Gwaltney, 34,  was gunned down on September 1st.

Gwaltney's body was found at the corner of Alter and Fourth street in Hazleton. Three bullet wounds were found in his body.

Bobbijo Wills said she wanted to marry Gwaltney.

"I lost everything I ever wanted. I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him, they took that away. He raised my daughter for 10 years, she has lost the only father she has ever known. It was heartbreaking for both of us, devastating for my whole family," said Wills.

Wills and her sister, Amy Fredrick discussed the man they loved.

"I worry about my sister, I worry about her all the time. She doesn't sleep. My older son who loved Erick, he comes home from school and says mom did you hear anything yet, he wants this guy to be caught," said Fredrick.

Wills said the upcoming holidays will be rough.

"Every thought in my mind is about him, everyting reminds me of him. It`s just like tearing my life apart," said Wills.

The women have a message for the killer.

"I would just say you're a coward!" said Fredrick.

Wills made a plea to the killer.

"Please turn yourself in, so we can get peace. Erick needs to rest," said

Investigators ask if you have any information about the shooting death of Erick Gwlatney call Hazleton Police.