Nature’s Fury Felt in Carbon County

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FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP -- The cleanup continued Wednesday in several parts of Carbon County that received several inches of rain in a very short amount of time.

The rain Tuesday night caused some of the most severe flash flooding that people had ever seen.

After the downpours stopped, Ed Rodriguez and Bob Maholick had the job of picking up pieces of their rock and dirt driveway. The water pushed it onto the road near Lehighton.

“It's normal. Have been doing it for 30 years already, no biggie, keep shoveling,” said Moholick.

“The water is good for the grass, got an acre but not in that much quantity all at the same time, if it was spread out over the week it wouldn't be so bad,” said Rodriquez.

Franklin Township road crews had their hands full too. Scraping up tons of debris left behind by the rushing water.

Floodwaters ripped a pipe from the ground. The pipe was supposed to drain the water.

“If it were snow it would have made me a lot of money. I'd still be plowing!” said Denny Schaeffer, a Franklin Township worker.

The storm ripped up part of Ron Solt's property.

“I never saw rain like this in such a short amount of time. We had water come all over where it never came before!” said Solt.

A bridge on Route 903 near Jim Thorpe  was closed for a time until inspectors made sure it was safe. They feared the rushing water from the creek below may have damaged it.