Fall Furnace Service

As the nights are starting to get cooler, it`s a good time to get your furnace serviced to prepare for the winter.

It`s not only good for your furnace, but it could also save you money.

Every year around this time, when the leaves start turning, the Ebers immediately make the call to make an appointment to make sure they`re kept warm for the winter. That call is to a local heating and air conditioning company, RJ Groner.

“We`ll have the furnace all ready to blow, cause it`s forced hot air,” said George Eber of Stroud Township.

In a development outside Stroudsburg, the furnace company was busy taking apart the Ebers furnace, cleaning it and making sure it runs like new.

Rob Barnes is one of the workers at RJ Groner.

He said the Ebers should serve as a reminder to everyone out there that furnace maintenance is important, not only to make sure it keeps your family warm, but regular maintenance is also good for the wallet.

“It soots up and you have to remember, you want it to burn at peak performance, just cause of the price of oil . As well as it being dirty, you`re losing efficiency,” said Barnes.

The price of oil is now at $92 a barrel, that`s down from $100 a barrel last Friday.


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