Countdown to the Bloomsburg Fair

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BLOOMSBURG -- In just a matter of days the 157th Bloomsburg Fair will open for another year, and this year will be significant mainly because the flood last year cancelled the fair for the first time ever!

Vendors hope to make up for lost income last year.

Workers made sure the windows were spotless at the Cactus Taters stand at the Bloomsburg Fairgrounds. Cactus Taters has been a staple at the fair for almost 25 years. Owner Ron Vonada said he is ready for the customers.

“We're looking to have a great year this year. We're looking to have a fabulous year," said Vonanda.

“Getting things ready, signs up. Getting ready to go for Friday this year because everybody's allowed to open on Friday,” said Dave Dick of Reichart’s Mardi Gras.

Vendors hope to have a better year than last year when the fairgrounds were under.

The fair was cancelled, and some of the vendors tried to make the best of it by setting up shop along Route 11 just outside town.

“They appreciated us being there and we thanked them. It was great to have them there. It was more than I ever expected," said Vonanda.

Another stand that`s counting down the hours to the 2012 Bloomsburg Fair is Pollack`s Barbecue and Pizza. The family owned business has been at the fair since 1973.

“Mom and dad have five children, and they each run a stand. That was five families right there that lost Bloomsburg Fair income," said June Krolikowski of Pollack’s Barbecue and Pizza.

Many of the vendors said they hope to make up a lot of that lost income this year. They expect the fair to be a lot busier because people could not come last year.

“People really enjoy it and look forward to coming back every year. A lot of people at the restaurant have been asking ‘are you going to be at the fair this year?’" said Dick.

The Bloomsburg Fair runs from September 22 to September 29. People will have the chance to taste food from all 1,200 vendors on Friday when the Bloomsburg Fair opens for a preview day. It will cost three dollars to get in.