Community Living Room in Shamokin

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SHAMOKIN -- In just a few months, families in Shamokin will have a new place to go to play video games, hear live music, and relax with a cup of coffee.

The basement of the Legion Building in Shamokin is empty, except for a few power tools. By the end of the year, officials in Shamokin said the space will be filled with people listening to music, playing video games and relaxing. The place is being turned in to a community living room.

"We want to have virtual gaming systems over on the one side of us. The coffee shop, the stage, the lounge, just a place where everybody can come from the community," said Faith Neiter.

"We also have some other facilities here that we can host bands, live entertainment. I'm very optimistic that it will be a real nice facility for the community," said Bill Milbrand.

Shamokin City Council formed a Student Advisory Council last year. The students helped come up with the idea for the community living room, which will be on Independence Street.

"We wanted somewhere good for the community to go to hang out and somewhere to look forward to hang out in Shamokin," said Mariah Bielski.

"In Shamokin there is nothing to do, everyone just chills at their house. It will give us a place to go and play games together," said Veronica Kiefer.

The project is being paid for with federal grant money, donations and fundraisers.

Officials said admission to the Community Living Room will be free, but people must pay to play games. The center will bring at least ten part-time and two full-time jobs to Shamokin. It is scheduled to open in November.