Starting Fall Right with Fresh Apple Cider

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JEFFERSON TOWNSHIP -- It seems fall is the best time to enjoy a tradition in our area; apple cider.

A cider mill in Lackawanna County says this season's cider may be sweeter than usual after the long, hot summer.

Every one of these apples here at Ritters Cider Mill on Wimmer's Road in Lackawanna County has a purpose and one thing is for sure, they are not just for cider.

"They come for the apples, the cider, the donuts, the pies, jams, jellies, yea everything," said owner Debra Ritter.

Earl Brinkman says with enough luck the cider crew can squeeze all these apples at once. Each pressing session produces 60 gallons of cider.

"I love it, it's my favorite job, it's fun, you know. I like to see peoples' faces when they see this for the first time. You know actual cider being made, it's kind of an old-fashioned tradition, and a lot of city people don't get to see it," said cider helper Earl Brinkman.

The apples here at Ritters are literally compressed so much that there's not a drop of juice left.

Customer Amy Smith comes to Ritters at least once a week to stock up on all the goodies.

"They have the best stuff, the best donuts. We wait all year. My kids go by the sign going how many days is it till it opens. It just everything that they have," said Amy Smith.

Workers here say this year they have some pretty sweet apples.

"The hot weather makes the apples sweeter so the cider's very good this year," said Debra Ritter.

Workers say the only place you can get their homemade autumn treats is at the Ritters Cider Mill near Mount Cobb.