Shamokin Gets New Parking Meters

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SHAMOKIN -- Parking has become pricier in Shamokin. Workers just finished installing nearly 600 new parking meters, mostly in downtown.

If you park in Shamokin you will have to either pay more money, or cut your shopping time in half. Now with the new meters, a quarter buys you 30 minutes instead of an hour.

Shoppers in Shamokin know they will get a ticket if they do not feed the meters when they park downtown. Workers recently installed around 600 new parking meters.

"The old ones we had were purchased secondhand and we had them over the life expectancy," Bob Searls said.

Shamokin spent more than $90,000 to buy the new parking meters. To help pay for them, city council voted to change the amount of time a quarter is worth. Now, 25 cents will get you a half hour of parking instead of a whole hour.

"I think they were long overdue, but I'm not too happy they changed the times on them. It's going to cause them some grief," Phillip Hain said.

Some business owners in Shamokin said they understand that their customers don't want to pay 25 cents to come in for a quick trip. Beverly's Flower Shop is rewarding its customers for shopping.

"I just had a label made and put a quarter on and hand it to our customers when they come in. I say here's your quarter back for what you had to put in," Beverly Katalenas said.

Most shoppers said the higher cost of parking will not stop them from shopping downtown, but others said they will walk instead or come up with other solutions.

"There are alleys where you can park where there are no parking meters. I park a lot by the Dollar Store. They can't charge me there," Patty McCaffery said.

Shamokin City Council members said they expect the new meters, with their higher rates, to bring in an extra $30,000 a year.