Gas Leak Causes Evacuation of Courthouse, Homes

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DANVILLE -- The Mountour County Courthouse as well as a number of homes were evacuated Tuesday because of a gas leak in Danville.

According to the Danville Fire Department, the leak started on Mill Street around 1:30 p.m. Officials said a contractor working in the area cut into the gas line, starting the leak.

The contractor said he believed he shut off the line before beginning work.

Sixty people were evacuated from the courthouse and the surrounding homes for an hour as fire crews secured the gas leak.

Fire officials managed to stop the leak but said to fix the line properly, more work is in store.

"They're probably going to have to redig up because they couldn't shut the main off from the street. They were having problems so they're going to have a backhoe dig up the entire line," said Assistant Fire Chief Ken Strusser.

The courthouse remained closed for the remainder of Tuesday because the employees had been let go for the day.