Flooding in Carbon County

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FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP -- Half a foot of rain fell in some parts of Carbon County Tuesday and all that water made things more than a little soggy.

Roadways were covered, houses surrounded, and fire crews were out helping in any way they could.

Pfeifer Dam in Franklin Township was a sight to see with water overflowing onto nearby roadways.

"Oh my gosh, in 20 years I've never seen it like this, it's amazing," said Gary Shelly of Franklin Township.

At Bear Creek Lakes development in Penn Forest Township, properties were surrounded by water.

Folks there said they suffer when it rains hard and water runs off from a nearby development.

"It doesn't happen all the time, but when it does, it does a lot of damage," said Barbara Smith who lives in the development.

"As long as the pump keeps working, yes, it's no problem, but if that pump stops, I have a $10,000 bill. Just like that, within a couple hours," said James Smith.

Some people said they tried to consider the positive side of the heavy rainfall.

"My grandmother was panicking, but other than that I don't see how it was a big problem. We needed rain and here it is," said Cassandra Gower of Weissport.

"Yeah, we need rain, but oh my gosh," said Shelly.

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