Power To Save Special September 2012

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Power To Save Special

September 19, 2012

7:30pm – 8:00pm

WNEP-TV’s Don Jacobs and Jackie Lewandoski host this quarter’s Power To Save Special.  We’ll recycle, track snakes, save cash, and raise some veggies! 

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When you put your recycling out, do you have to sort it?  Do you have several bins out of your tree lawn?  There’s a company in Luzerne County who is trying to make things easier on you and more cost-effective for the fleet of recycling vehicles circling your town.  Go inside the plant where single stream recycling gets sorted out.

Visit Northeast Recycling Solutions for more information.


Most folks are a little squeamish about snakes, let alone the big rattler!  But environmentalists are telling us we must protect these native reptiles.  Join Rick Koval and Don Jacobs as they scour the hillside for the sound that puts a shiver down your spine!


WNEP’s Jackie Lewandoski, along with PPL Electric Utilities, show us how we can save money with your home heating and cooling systems.  Visit their website for more energy-saving programs and ideas.

HYDROPONIC FARMING – Newswatch 16’s Sophia Ojeda

How do you get the yield of two and a half acres of crops out of a 30-foot by 50-foot area?  Hydroponics of course.  Meet two guys in Wyoming County who have built a system to do just that.  It’s taking their Power To Save to new levels:  land space, water usage, compost, recycled hardware.  You’ll be impressed.  To learn more, click here.

PA Environmental Council AWARDS

The 22nd Annual Environmental Awards were announced.  Go to PEC’s website for a list of winners and find out how you can attend a banquet to honor the winners.  You can also call:  (570) 718-6507.