Pottsville Business Reopens After Fire

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POTTSVILLE -- A business in Pottsville damaged by fire is back up and running.

The family who owns the sub shop remembers the day their lives were turned upside down.

When we stopped by Subs-N-Such in Pottsville, people were lined up waiting for orders. The owners of the family owned sandwich shop on North Third Street are glad to be back.

"The damage was immense! It was a challenge, we're just glad to be open again," said co-owner Tim James.

Last month a fire broke out in an apartment attached to the sub shop. Firefighters tried to save a dog and cat trapped in the apartment. The pets later died. Tim James said that was sad.

"the animals it affected a lot of people around here, it was just a tragic day," said James.

Co-owner Brenda James said that is all behind them although she remembers.
"Horror, just horror it was just bad, I am glad it's gone and we're starting over again," said Brenda James.

Customer Chris Mease said he's happy that the business has made a comeback.

"It's convenient especially when you don't have a vehicle instead of going down to giant all the time i always come here for my food and drinks, it's convenient that way especially because i live just up the street," said Mease.

Customer Amy Belkhoutout said she couldn't wait for Subs-N-Such to reopen.

"I was up here last week and when it first happened and I couldn't wait I kept coming back and coming back for them to be reopen," Belkhoutout said.

The owners of Subs-N-Such said things are looking up.  They even plan to expand their menu after being closed for six weeks from the fire.