Former Berwick Police Officer Charged in Thefts

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BERWICK -- A former Berwick police officer has found himself on the other side of the law.

Christian Wilson was arrested Friday and charged with multiple counts of theft and drug paraphernalia. Police Chief Ken Strish said his special operations group was the first to suspect

Wilson, their fellow officer, was using heroin in March of 2012. They believe to help feed his addiction, Wilson stole evidence from a meth lab bust that was being stored in a box openly sitting out in the department.

When Chief Strish began to investigate he said he caught Wilson in the act.

"I simply moved that box, and put it under one of our cameras, and unfortunately we had seen him on four occasions take needles from that box, and we recorded those videos and I sent them off to the attorney general`s office," said Chief Strish.

Berwick`s police chief said this incident was personal for him and many of his officers, and that they`re working hard to earn back the public`s trust.

"Chris is a friend, and to see him battling drug addiction is obviously troublesome as it is, but we`re police officers, we`re supposed to be much more than the standard," said Chief Strish.

Chief Strish said the Berwick police department is making sure all evidence is more secure and are making sure all policies are strictly followed.

"We`ve made the corrections that we`ve needed to make, it`s not going to be an issue from this day forth, with gathering evidence, with the placement of evidence, from here on out and we just need to do what we need to do every day," said Chief Strish.