Classes Finally In Session In Mid Valley

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THROOP -- New classrooms have been readied for the first day of school, with the start of classes weeks after everyone else.

More than two weeks into September, students in part of Lackawanna County went back to class Monday for the first time this year.

A construction project delayed the start of school at the Mid Valley School District in Throop.

Students streamed from busses and through the doors of Mid Valley Elementary in Throop. A $15 million addition wasn't ready for the scheduled September 6 start of classes, so the district delayed the new school year for nearly two weeks.

Sixth grader Zachary Blau liked what he saw.

“I was wondering how this is going to work out.  I was thinking ‘boy, they're going to make a mess of the school,’ but it turned out real nice,” said Zachary.

The elementary school has more classroom space, plus a bigger library and cafeteria.  Still, there are some reservations.

“I do have to mention that the school is beautiful, but it's not finished, which is a little concerning,” said Amy Battle.

Superintendent Randy Parry has heard those concerns.  He says any remaining construction will take place before or after school. Students will be safe.

“It's been a long summer.  We're happy to be back.  It's been overdue, so I'm happy to see the day started and we're getting on track and some type of normalcy to our schedule here,” said Parry.

The actual physical construction affected only the elementary school, but the delay in the start of classes, the changes in the schedule, affected every student in the Mid Valley district.

It was also the first day of school for high school students.

“Summer was so long, so you're not used to going back,” said Megan Campbell. “I like being back because this is my first year of high school, so I'm excited.”

“It actually feels pretty good because some of the friends I wasn't able to hang out with over the summer.  I'm so glad I get to see them and have classes with them,” said Samantha Rutkosky.

Mid Valley students will be together for a while.  Because of the late start to the school year, there will be late finish.  Barring snow days, the last day of school is set for June 21.