Arson Investigation in Schuylkill County

GIRARDVILLE -- Pictures sent to photolink at show firefighters battling a blaze in Girardville. Police said it was intentionally set early Saturday morning.

According to a state police fire marshal, someone set fire to this shed and the flames spread to the vacant home.

Jim Shoup lives across the street from the fire scene.

"My window was red hot and all I thought was to get out of the house I'm still a little shaky and I am losing a little sleep," said Shoup.

Marco Ritro of Girardville drives past the crime scene. He said he's ready if the arsonist pays him a call.

"I am going to keep my shotgun handy. That`s important," said Ritro.

Mike Hartz of Giradville also hopes the police to track down the arsonist quickly.

"It kind of worries me I have an 11-month-old daughter. They don't know who it is. I'd like them to catch them, see who it was," said Hartz.

"It could have been catastrophe both front and back of the block all our homes are connected in one way or the other.  All of these homes are rows, so it could have been a potential for disaster," said Rita Hartz, Mike's wife.

Other neighbors are also on edge about the arsonist.

"They think it's open house and they can do what they want and they have to realize that there are people who live around them and they put them in danger too," said Ann Soucheck, of Girardville.

Police said they're following up leads and do have a person of interest.  They ask anyone with information to give them a call.


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